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Building for the Sky

ShareThailand is a place filled with temples and sacred spaces. You can’t take a walk of any length without passing a Wat (or four) on your journey. Many of them are very modern, and only a handful date further back … Continue reading

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Experiencing Cambodia

ShareEli and his grandparents are flying in and out of Thailand to get to Bhutan. It was either that or India, and well…for many reasons…Thailand was a better option for them. One of the reasons is that any layover in … Continue reading

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The Last Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom

ShareMy son is about to travel to Bhutan, Thailand, and Cambodia with his grandparents. He got to choose the location for a trip in his 13th year, and Bhutan is where he wanted to go. The other two countries were … Continue reading

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Travel as Intentional Trauma?

ShareI came across this quote today, and it describes how it feels to come home after going through something big, whether that be a long trip somewhere remote from your own culture or a trauma, like a death or an … Continue reading

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Neo-Colonialism & Intergenerational Trauma

ShareI spent a great deal of time in Greece in my 20’s and 30’s. A few of the summers I spent there I was exploring the hills of Crete, looking for large stone tombs called EM (Early Minoan) tholoi or … Continue reading

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Images from India

ShareIn lieu of a written post, here are some images from India for your viewing pleasure.  

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The Look and Feel of Community

Share I didn’t really have much of a community growing up. I lived outside of a town, and there were people in that town of course, but my family was isolated from any real sense of connection to most people … Continue reading

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What You Take Is What You Need

Just give me a backpack, and about 40 lbs of essentials, and I might just be able to make a life anew. I’ve done it before.

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Kites and Joy in Dark Places

Saying that I was unprepared for India is an understatement. Of course, I was prepared in all the usual ways: my backpack had all the proper gear. I just didn’t understand the emotional preparation I needed to have packed as well.

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Sitting in Silence in the Jokhang

My heart had opened up, and I began to see that I too belonged here, was at home here. I too was connected here. My joy at this knowledge was immeasurable.

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