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The Last Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom

ShareMy son is about to travel to Bhutan, Thailand, and Cambodia with his grandparents. He got to choose the location for a trip in his 13th year, and Bhutan is where he wanted to go. The other two countries were … Continue reading

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The Look and Feel of Community

Share I didn’t really have much of a community growing up. I lived outside of a town, and there were people in that town of course, but my family was isolated from any real sense of connection to most people … Continue reading

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Architecture and the rupture of space

The rupture of space/time around architecture feels uncomfortable to us, as it does with “fast food” and cheap clothes, cheap furniture, and surface friendships. I would assert that we, as human beings, seek emotional complexity around most of what we do. This emotional complexity builds maps for us, memories, stories…and this is the stuff that we are made of.

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